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(Formerly Sweetzpot)

Wearable breathing & force sensors with the highest accuracy. Clinically proven.

White labeling of the VimScore workout app and plug-ins. Research and knowledge-based solutions.

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About Us

VimFusion, a division of VimScore AS, excels in developing both software and hardware for sports technology and biofeedback applications. Our expertise lies in modular sensor technology and software solutions.

We specialize in integrating our wearable breathing devices and workout engine into partner products to ensure increased customer lifetime value.

We offer developer kits to test our products.

Please contact us for further services and quotes. 

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Our Specialties

1. Modular sensor technology and software support for wearable breathing devices

Data Cloud


The FLOW sensor can be integrated into your stand-alone product. Heart rate and motion sensors may be added to the breathing sensor.

Electrical engineer working on circuit board


Our team of hard- and software specialists can support you with development and technology consulting.

Showcase: Sensor projects

Discover how our sensors have been integrated into other products, enhancing functionality and providing valuable insights.

Sports: Gym equipment and performance management

VimScore is a Norwegian start-up that focuses on providing fitness solutions based on a database of workouts. Our sensors will be featured in a modular workout station to measure the client’s health and rate them on a scorecard.

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2. White labeling of the VimScore workout app or plug-ins such as the workout engine and exercise database

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White label

The VimScore app can be white-labeled and integrated into your existing product. It ensures high customer satisfaction and provides clients with a sense of achievement and enjoyment in training.

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We offer plug-ins such as the workout engine and exercise database from the VimScore app, which can be integrated into your own app to enhance your offerings with proven, research-based solutions.

Showcase: App and Plug-ins

Discover how the VimScore app and its plug-ins enhance our partners' solutions and services, increasing customer success and improving lifetime value.

Plug-in: Lifeness (

VimFusion has provided the workout engine for Lifeness's dietary app, which is set to be launched and approved as a health app in Germany. The integration of our technology helps users create personalized, balanced training sessions, enhancing their overall health and fitness journey. 

Customer Testimonial: "We explored many solutions before deciding that VimScore's training engine was the best fit for our target audience and the requirements set by the German health department for our app." — Solvor Ø. Magi, CEO of Lifeness


Contact Us

Snøfonna 1

1470 Lørenskog


+47 90 56 14 69

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