One small sensor house. Like on a heart rate monitor. Easy to connect and use.

Measuring strain, skin voltage, acceleration, orientation and magnetism.

Connecting with Bluetooth or Ant+.



Sweetzpot is launching the Zensor 1 Q3 2017. Zensor uses a protected mechanism to transform the force to our sensor house, giving accurate measurements of force and strain.


The device can be used in a wide range of areas, giving value in a wide range of areas. Sweetzpot is currently focusing in the areas of Sports and Health.


Examples of value coming from this area are concepts connected to measuring Power, Force, Breathing (ventilation and pattern), Strain, Heart Rate, Muscle Movements. This opens up for new concepts and buisness models in Health and Sports.


We are cooperating with companies bringing our sensors or technologies to the market under their own brand. Please send a request for a meeting if this is of interest: