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The world's most robust rowing bracket



We have been working hard on designing the world’s most robust rowing bracket that can hold your mobile phone, notes, maps, allow you to speak to your coach over Skype and even install a concave mirror to visualize yourself rowing. The incredible all-roundedness of the product is that it can used both on the wing rigger and the footboard.

FixZpot is designed based on feedback from top international rowers. We claim it to be the worlds best solution for using cellphones in the boat.

The bracket can be tightened around the wing with a belt that is included in the package, or being mounted to the footplate like NK-monitors, and this makes it a universal solution to be used with almost any type of rowing boat. Allmost all normal sized smartphones and fitting water proof cases/bags fits nicely into the bracket.

It is easy to install, it is easy to use and it is safe in use.

Perks :

Free delivery worldwide
30-day money-back guarantee
2 years warranty

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Weight 1 kg

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