Seeing breathing patterns when you face real-life challenges matter. Professional therapists can analyze changes in vital signs when clients talk through difficult issues during therapy sessions. However, they cannot see what is happening while they are out facing the real-life challenges outside a normal session. Now they can, - with a FLOW™ recording.


While experienced breathing experts can see how people breathe in smaller groups, this becomes difficult in larger class rooms. Showing breathing patterns live from all the students, can make it easier to identify who needs special guidance.

Meet FLOW™ the first dedicated sensor that records and visualizes your breathing.

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Sweetzpot has developed cutting edge technology for displaying breathing. We collaborate with app developers, studios and professionals, within fitness, yoga, meditation, stress management, pain management and therapy, to integrate the use of our FLOW sensor in your workflow.

Use FLOW™ in your business, the first dedicated sensor that measures your breathing.

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Running out of breath during activity? Want to find that perfect spot where you can run for hours on end? Tired of calculating difficult schemes in order to find out how fast you can run or how quick you can cycle at any given moment?

Meet FLOW™ the first dedicated sensor that measures your breathing.

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The FLOW™ sensor captures data as soon as you start your activity. It measures breathing by recording the expansion and contraction of the chest or abdomen. The data can easily be integrated into apps using our SDK


The FLOW™ sensor captures data as soon as you start your activity. It measures your breathing by recording the increase and decrease of your chest.

Elena Cecchini

Flow is a really good product. For example, I am having a bit of cold in this days and I could see that the breathe was different from the days in which I was feeling fit and totally healthy.

Paolo Bravini

The product is a real innovation and it's so cool to see what happens to your breathing during effort.

Scott Cadby

I was really impressed with the ability to see my breathing rhythm in real time on my phone.

Njål Sparbo

With two FLOW™ sensors (on the chest and abdomen) Njål sees for the first time how he breathes while singing. “When singing I push the contents of my abdomen upwards, and diaphragm downwards to control the pressure and speed of air flow.”

Lucas Casanova

It’s an amazing tool! I use it to help my students create a state of calmness through very easy pranayama (yoga breathing exercises).


The breathing pattern is a visualization of your breathing. It gives a precise visualization of how you breathe in, how you hold your breath and how you breathe out. Breathing measured with one FLOW™ can be shown both on a smart device or screen. Breathing signals from multiple devices can be gathered and shown in the same way. Breathing rate or respiratory rate is also shown.

R&D-stage: We have good tests of using FLOW™ as an instrument to measure your breathing per minute. Usually, at rest, your breathing varies between 6 and 8 liters per minute. During sleep, breathing can be as low as 3 liters per minute and can reach 160 liters per minute and above during high intensity athletic activity.

The measurement of heart rate has been around since its introduction in the early 80's. Seeing how your breathing and heart-rate simultaneously responds to work, stress and recovery, gives vital information on how the body works. FLOW™ has a single channel EKG (256 Hz) that gives unique information in combination with the breath.

FLOW sensor


The first dedicated breathing sensor: connect it to a screen and visualize breathing. You get access to our SDK so that you can implement it for your use. Or we can help to tailor this for your use.

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