As a high tech company, Sweetzpot collaborates with app developers, studios and professionals, within fitness, yoga, meditation and stress management, to integrate the use of the FLOW™ sensor.
Together with John, an experienced meditation and yoga tutor who has been running a yoga studio in Oslo for years, we experimented using FLOW™ to measure the trend of breathing during meditation. The graph shows the different trend of changes in his chest and abdomen breathing at the beginning of the meditation session.
Through drawing breathing pattern and seeing the real-time visualized breathing data, John could easily explain to his student how to synchronize chest and abdomen to breathe in a certain rhythm, and check if she performs it in the right way.
We believe FLOW™ can play an important role in a group training class. For example, the tutor could demonstrate and explain breathing techniques through visualized data. Students could also learn better by comparing their breathing pattern to the tutor's. Also, the tutor can observe everyone’s breathing on a screen, and will not ignore anyone who sits in the back row in a class.