How to avoid catching a crab ?

While rowing, “catching a crab” means to put one’s oar in the water at the wrong time or at the wrong angle into the water. This results in the oar flipping parallel to the boat. When an oar goes from perpendicular (good) to parallel (bad) a rower must pull the oar in and over their […]

How do I build endurance for rowing?

Sagar Sen, the Sweetzpot co-founder, will give his point of view on it.   Endurance in rowing typically comes from efficiency of your stroke cycle. Lets just take one stroke cycle and go deeper into it. Here is what I recommend as the secret to developing endurance. Steps: 1) Inhale a large quantity of air (using […]

Welcome to the Sweetzpot blog!

Finally! This is the first blog post at the Sweetzpot web page. We look forward to use this as an active communications channel. We plan to post regular posts connected to our business and activities. We have also established a separate blog in our shop page that will focus more on the specific areas connected […]