A quick chat with Eirik Bruland


We recently had the pleasure of meeting Eirik Bruland. 

Eirik started as a cross-country skier, but quickly decided that he wants to succeed in cycling. In his first year as a competitive cyclist he broke the course record and won Vestmarkrittet 2016. Eirik is currently with TEAM Sparebanken Sør and really looking forward to next season.

So… Why cycling?

I’ve always done cycling next to skiing, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided that cycling is what I want to succeed in. I’m fully focused and stoked for the upcoming season.

How does your workout plan look like?

I have one session each day. When doing cross-country skiing it was usually two workouts during the day, but now I focus on one longer session on the bicycle.

Do you set up your own workout?

It depends. I have a great team behind me with Atle Kvålsvoll at the helm. Together we create a plan and I can change it depending on how I feel.

Do you use any tech to measure your workout?

Yes, I use a heart rate monitor whenever I can. Before the next season, I’m buying a power meter, but they are still quite expensive.

What kinda feature would you like to see from Sweetzpot?

Breathing is a very interesting benefit and I would like to see one number that’s easy understandable and which I can incorporate in my existing eco-system of products. I already have a Garmin watch and would love to see an integration to that.

What platforms do you use?

I use both Traningpeaks and Strava. They fit different needs, but I have to say that I love the social aspect of Strava.

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