FLOW™ Researcher and Developer Kit

-1The FLOW™ researcher kit consists of a Bluetooth Dongle to connect to ten FLOW™ sensors simultaneously.  The kit includes: 10 FLOW sensors with chest straps  1 Bluetooth Dongle The user needs to follow the following simple steps to get started: Download and install USB 2 UART Driver for dongle: https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers Plug in Bluetooth Dongle Find the […]

Bluetooth Dongle for Developers and Researchers

The Bluetooth Dongle allows the user to connect to multiple FLOW and Oarzpot sensors (up to 15) simultaneously, read data, visualize it and develop their own applications. The sensor comes with a user guide and customer support to help set up the communication via the serial port, set up the correct baud rate, read and visualize […]

FLOW- Breathing sensor


The first consumer wearable to master the art of breathing

Double Premium Pack

Double Premium Package

Two OarZpot (OarFix included), two FixZpot, two extra OarFix, two HeartZpot and two DryZpot.

OarZpot Premium Package

OarZpot Premium Package

One OarZpot (OarFix included), one FixZpot, one extra OarFix, one HeartZpot and one DryZpot.


Either your need to change your chest belt for BreathZpot or HeartZpot, or you like to use the endurance sport capabilities in the OarZpot sensor, here is the extra chest belt you need. The belt is of the highest quality, produced for Sweetzpot by Clothing . Perks : Free delivery worldwide 30-day money-back guarantee 2 […]